Currently donations are made to the following non-profit: The Pet Fund. They can benefit in two ways:

  • First, non-profits benefit from online sales of Grandville’s BBQ sauces. The donation is currently $1 dollar from each online sale of jars of Grandville’s BBQ Sauces.
  • Second, Grandville’s BBQ Sauces creates and promotes BBQ events at locations all over Washington State. The profits of the BBQ events are used to benefit non-profits for sick or injured animals.

Currently the non-profit supported is The Pet Fund. The Pet Fund assists in cancer care for pets who are ill. Low income disabled and elderly people may apply for non-emergency assistance from this fund to pay for veterinarian for care.

The Pet Fund is the largest national nonprofit that pays for veterinary care for those who cannot afford it. Often animals are put down or surrendered to shelters because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or medical treatment. Companion animal owners must often make the difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect medical needs because of the costs involved. The Pet Fund works to keep animals out of shelters and together with the owners who love and need them.

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