Grandville’s Gourmet Event Catering

Let Grandville’s Gourmet BBQ cater your event. We can provide high-quality, pit-smoked BBQ for any event, from business promotions to employee and customer appreciation days to fundraising, sporting and even Hot Rod events we are there to make it FUN, EASY, PROFITABLE, AND MEMORABLE. Grandville’s provides an entire BBQ buffet experience brought directly to your location.

With decades of experience catering events of all sizes, Grandville’s works with you to setup the ideal menu for your specific needs. To begin your Grandville’s BBQ event planning, fill out the form with your contact details and we can start grilling to your specific needs.

BBQ Questions & Answer’s

Q: When do we get there?
A: We arrive way early before serving time; why because we need to stoke the fire and send up smoke signals to let everyone know we mean business and of course we just might have some BBQ tidbits for all those BBQ aficionados that help with set up to sample. MMMM GOOD!

Q: How long are we here?
A: We will be there to make sure everyone is served and to force feed those more of our world class BBQ if need be! Nobody leaves hungry so let the sport eating commence!! If your event is a fundraiser, then we are there to help promote your event and to raise as much money possible in food sales and or the sales of our internationally award winning BBQ sauces. Complete cleanup is available so remember we customize your event.

Q: Who shows up at your event?
A: We bring a crew of our experienced BBQ staff and if your event is a fundraiser then we ask for a little help in that department to keep our cost to you down and your fundraising up.

Q: How much space needed for our equipment?
A: About 45 feet is needed because our BBQ Trailer is 25 feet long and a truck or two can add up. We do need enough space to safely park at your event and it’s also important that we have room to leave after your guests are basking in BBQ glory! If you have any questions, please ask us when you book your event.

Q: Booking your event?
A: Book your event as early as possible. Remember each event is customized for your needs.

Q: Speaking of guest count, what happens if my event draws fewer guests than planned for?
A: Although our barbecue is well known to be “the best barbecue you’ve ever had”, sometimes the guest count is not what is expected. We provide food for your original guest count, any “left over” food can be sent home with guests or you can easily freeze it for future enjoyment.

Q: Can you bring your own side dishes?
A: You bet you can, we love a pot luck there’s more food to eat and the exchanging of recipe ideas with each other and it will help with the overall cost. Again, the customizing your event is what we do. So, let’s talk and go over the possibilities.