What Are People Saying

"Grandville's Rocked it! Steve brought this amazing BBQ (on a cool trailer) out to our fire department banquet. The food was delicious! The meat was ready with time to spare and the extra smoked nachos the he spoiled us with was a YUM surprise! ...Grandville's is top notch!! We have had them now at 2 events and we will keep coming back for more!"
Capt. Lanette Dyer, 
West Thurston Country Regional Fire Authority

"Steve, I want to thank you for coming out to our Expo. It was a pleasure to get to meet you and enjoy your awesome BBQ."
Vivian K. Eason
Thurston County EM

"Hi Steve, Thanks again for doing this year's awards banquet. Everyone's mouths were watering with anticipation of tasting your yummy BBQ. I'm very happy with our choice to have you BBQ this years awards banquet!"
Deanna Maldonado
South Puget Sound Mobile Search & Rescue

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Questions & Answers

Q: When do you arrive?
A: We arrive way early before serving time. Why? Because we need to stoke the fire and send up smoke signals to let everyone know we mean business and of course we just might have some BBQ tidbits for all those BBQ aficionados and want to be pitmasters.

Q: How long do you stay?
A: We will be there to make sure everyone is served! Nobody leaves hungry, so let the sport-eating commence!! Complete cleanup is available. Remember: We customize your event. 

Q: When should book our event?
A: Book your event as EARLY AS POSSIBLE! Remember, each event is customized for your needs. 

Q: Can we bring our own dishes?
A: You bet you can, we love a pot luck! There's more food to eat, exchanging recipes is fun, and it will help with the overall cost. Again, the customizing or your event is what we do. 

Rainier  Dodge:

"Fantastic job and great set up. Friendly and personable. Threw in extras and had lots of left overs. Worth every penny.
- Casey Johnson, GM

"Wonderful experience. Friendly service and everything was delicious. The best mac 'n cheese I have ever had."
- Alicia

"There was something for everyone. Even my finicky teens were impressed with the roasted peppers!"
- Kim S. 

Delivering Juicy and Tender BBQ Meats Every Time!

The History Behind Grandville’s

Grandville’s Original Spicy recipe originated in Kentucky in 1898. Known as “Mister Moonshine”, Grandville Whitesides would spend most of his waking hours behind the old barn, brewing up his own Kentucky brand of BBQ “moonshine” and cooking on his old pot-belly stove trying to perfect the most incredible BBQ sauce of its time. Then one night, after hours of testing his “moonshine” with his buddies, a vision came to him. Instead of playing with the creamy, vinegar based sauce; that everyone was making, Grandville decided that, if he could create a “thick and chunky” style BBQ Sauce something that had never been done before.

Grandville’s Gourmet BBQ Sauces are keeping to that same old tradition by creating the thickest and chunkiest BBQ Sauces on this planet!