The History Behind Grandville’s

Grandville’s Original Spicy recipe originated in Kentucky in 1898. Known as “Mister Moonshine”, Grandville Whitesides would spend most of his waking hours behind the old barn, brewing up his own Kentucky brand of BBQ “moonshine” and cooking on his old pot-belly stove trying to perfect the most incredible BBQ sauce of its time. Then one night, after hours of testing his “moonshine” with his buddies, a vision came to him. Instead of playing with the creamy, vinegar based sauce; that everyone was making, Grandville decided that, if he could create a “thick and chunky” style BBQ Sauce something that had never been done before.

Grandville’s Gourmet BBQ Sauces are keeping to that same old tradition by creating the thickest and chunkiest BBQ Sauces on this planet!